Large Number Of Women Are Suffering from Severe Essure Side Effects – Why?

People look for ways to make their lives easy and smooth.

New discoveries are done to make human, life hassle free, but sometimes it turns out to be a disaster, from which there is no alternate to make a comeback.

Herein, we have tried to divert attention people around us that look ahead to new discoveries without giving a second thought, what they might have to pay for it.

Yes, this article is about medical malpractice. Years back, Essure permanent birth control solution was launched to help females interested in not having babies anymore.

Bayer’s, the manufacturers of “Essure”, launched this device in the market without informing about the Essure complications and severe side effects.

essure device inserted

Almost one year after the launch of Essure device, various Essure lawsuits were filed in which females made complaints about the side effects that they were going through.

List of Essure severe side effects:

• Twinges at the implant sites
• Aching joints
• Extreme pelvic pain
• Bleeding after intercourse/painful intercourse
• Memory lapses/dizziness
• Abnormal fatigue
• Missing of device
• Many got pregnant.
• Severe bloating
• Heavy periods/prolonged period/no periods
• Migraines
• Frequent urination
• Weight Gain
• Wrongful death
• Ectopic pregnancy
• Allergic reactions
• Puncture or tear of uterus or colon.

These side effects are quite less, but the actual list is out numbered, according to the recent news posted online, based on FDA Essure Warning.

Essure device laswsuit

FDA Essure Investigation

In fact based on the occurrence of opposing event reports, the FDA has assumed a wide investigation of “reports of harm” linked to Essure. FDA is now fully supporting the suffering females.

They are also helping them in collecting evidences against what has happened with them and getting the claim that they deserve, so that they could further try for better treatments.

You must stay updated and time to time read reviews online of the Essure lawyers and patients fighting for justice, as this will also help in spreading awareness to more and more people.