Defective drugs and its harmful effects

Every year many people die and suffer problems due to the medical mismanagement. Doctors fail to provide proper care and treatments to the patients. Many patients die due to the wrong surgery, anesthesia error, defective drugs, medical experimentation and much more.

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Here are some harmful effects due to the intake of defective drugs:

Infertility problems: defective drugs decrease the sperm production in males and also harm the menstruation cycle of females. This results in fertility problems.
If you are pregnant then it harms the growth and development of new infant that results in miscarriage.

Depression: defective drugs are very much harmful to the nervous system and in some cases, patient’s body get paralyzed. These drugs result in suicidal thoughts, stress, and tension.

Skin problems: these defective drugs also cause infection and allergy on your skin that later result in harmful diseases like cancer.

Heart problems: defective drugs decreases the circulation of blood and make your blood dark. This cause high blood pressure that sometimes damages the kidney and results in many harmful diseases like diabetes, strokes.

There are many questions comes in mind that how these drugs come in market? Are they properly tested? Are they approved by food and drug administration?

Here are some factors included in the occurrence of defective drugs:

Mislabeled and defective packaging: due to the shortage of time, the warning, how to use the drug? And proper instruction on the label of drugs is not properly checked.

Contamination: during the manufacturing process, sometimes product becomes contaminated with the harmful toxic material.

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