About us

The Canadian Paralegal Institute is a private undertaking, which was formed to provide focused studies for legal support staff, beginning with paralegals. The Institute is closely related to the Law Courts Center, which has been in operation since 1991. In 2000, the Center began offering professional development courses. The Center has grown from developing one three-hour course to having designed thirty courses (with an equivalent of 294 classroom hours) by the end of 2007.

We have acquired a reputation for being the first to present courses when new Rules or Acts have been introduced. We were the first to present comprehensive courses to cover Rule 51A on interlocutory procedures, Rule 68 on expedited litigation, Rule 57 on bills of costs and now Insurance (Vehicle) Law 101 on the Insurance (Vehicle) Act and the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulations.

We are also known for our scholarship; we have published over 30 desk reference manuals in the last seven years. Our most well-known title is the BC Litigation Guide which was published in 2005. The Guide was quickly recognized by the Law Society of BC as the complete work on civil litigation procedures and they continue to recommend it to their members. As a teaching institution, we feel that investing in well-researched and well-written manuals allows us to provide unparalleled course materials.

As a result, the content of our program and its courses was derived from the contributions of lawyers and paralegals. They provided the insight and foresight in the selection of the courses and program structure to make learning relevant to the workplace.

The Institute’s instructors are specialists in their practice areas. They are selected on the basis of their professional credentials, expertise in the subject matter, their ability to impart knowledge and values and their dedication to advancing the profession.

Each course is supported by well-researched and well-written desk reference manuals which have been licensed mostly from the Law Courts Center.